What Donald Trump is doing during impeachment

Posted Friday, 24 January 2020 ‐ CNN

Washington (CNN)After months of wrangling, the Senate's impeachment trial, at last, began this week.But that doesn't mean the wrangling is over.The Democrats acting as the House's impeachment managers have spent the week arguing why President Donald Trump should be impeached, and have sought to aim their message at convincing four Republicans to vote with them for witnesses in the trial.Republicans, meanwhile, say the Democrats aren't doing anything new. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, a Trump confidant, said Friday that the President is "bored" with the proceedings.Trump's impeachment hasn't stopped him from showing off his presidential duties. He traveled to Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum this week, where this year's agenda centered on tackling the climate crisis. He touted the US' economy and called climate change activists "perennial prophets of doom."Back in Washington, Trump spoke at the anti-abortion-rights March for Life on Friday, making him the first sitting president to appear at the annual event.He's also stayed busy online. Before noon on Friday, Trump had sent 54 tweets (including retweets), mostly about Democrats and ... of course ... the impeachment.The Point: Whether it was his own impeachment trial or events on the world's stage, Trump was center stage this week.Monday

  • Trump's legal team argues impeachment process a 'charade'

  • CNN poll: 51% say Senate should remove Trump from office

  • Several House Republicans to join Trump's impeachment team following internal debate


  • Clinton says 'nobody likes' Sanders and won't commit to backing him if he's the Democratic nominee

  • Supreme Court signals it won't consider Obamacare challenge before election

  • Senate passes impeachment trial rules to punt on witnesses in early Wednesday morning vote

  • US military says additional service members treated for injuries from Iranian strikes


  • Chief justice admonishes discourse during impeachment trial

  • Trump says he would 'love' to sit in Senate chamber during impeachment

  • Trump downplays service members' concussion injuries from Iranian attack: 'I heard they had headaches'


  • EPA weakens protections for streams and wetlands

  • US issues new rules restricting travel by pregnant foreigners, fearing the use of 'birth tourism'

  • Trump expected to sign US-Mexico-Canada trade deal next week


  • Trump vows support for anti-abortion movement at March for Life rally

  • House impeachment managers wrap up their case with Trump's obstruction

And that was the week in 15 headlines.

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